Our U18 is also champion! Our U18 is also champion!

After the adults and the U15 team, the U18s also won the first class bouts of the national championship, gaining the third gold medal for the Association. Péter Tuifel’s [...]


Grammar School

In May 2006, the Győri ETO FC established the ETO JÖVŐJÉÉRT Foundation supporting this way the training and education of junior players as a public benefit organization.We soon realized that we cannot drawlimitsto the young talents, thus the decision was made to builda football student hostel, as well.

On 15th January, 2007, the Miklós Fehér Student Hostel opened its doorsto the first dwellers; we provide well-equippedaccommodation in a modern environment that satisfies all needs for those football players whose family live faraway from Győr.

Since September, 2008 the Fehér Miklós Secondary Grammar School and Dormitory has been teaching and educating the students of the football school, paying particular attention to the development of our competitively sporting students’ personalities.

The Secondary Grammar School has been operating in its own separate building since 2011, and the school time schedule maximally fits to the training schedule of the young students in our association.